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From Germany to San Francisco, from running yoga retreats in Cambodia to training clients in the Bay Area, this week’s Feature Friday mama has taken her passion for health and fitness across the globe. She is a first- time mama, only 4 months postpartum, dedicating any free time she has to helping women feel stronger and more confident in their bodies through exercise. From teaching pre + postnatal yoga in the Mission, to offering 1-1 health and fitness coaching to her clients, this mama really is the epitome of a ‘Moving Mom’ and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

Meet, Maike Mancuso

Maike, can you share with our mamas a little about your work and your journey to getting to where you are today?

I am originally from Germany and have not always been into health and fitness. After I studied Business Management in Berlin it took me a while before I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to focus my energy on. My first step towards making Fitness and Health my profession was a Yoga teacher training. I was hooked on feeling more balanced and connected with myself and I felt like I had to share this practice. From there a physical journey began that took me to Cambodia (of all places), where I worked for a year as Retreat Manager and Yoga Teacher in a small community based center. Next I moved to Thailand for a year to pursue my passion while continuing to learn and study.  Today, I am a Yoga Teacher (Pre - Postnatal), Personal Trainer and Health Coach and new Mom here in SF.

Currently I focus on working with moms-to-be and new moms to establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This may include exercises, yoga and health coaching as needed.

Having such an incredible knowledge and awareness of the body, what was your journey with exercise like through pregnancy and postpartum?

This was my first pregnancy, so I personally have nothing to compare it with, but it was a smooth ride. I felt strong and energetic  and was able to work as group fitness instructor and personal trainer until 8 months into my pregnancy. Being healthy and active before I got pregnant contributed to both, the smooth pregnancy and a quick recovery after birth.

Most importantly, always be kind to yourself. Pregnancy and Postpartum are not times to ‘push’ or prove yourself. Allow yourself to recover when you feel sore, sleep and rest when you feel tired and do the things that feel good inside and out. You are the best judge of that.

“These are the times when I have to remind myself to stay humbled, focussing on what is really important and surrender: surrendering to dirty laundry, a sink full of dishes and showing up a few minutes late to just name a few.”

What has been your biggest lesson and challenge so far since becoming a mother?

Surrender! I like to be organized and prepared, but with a new babe there is only so much you can plan. Diaper blowouts, spontaneous new sleeping rhythms or unpredictable fussiness can change everything in a blink of an eye. These are the times when I have to remind myself to stay humbled, focussing on what is really important and surrender: surrendering to dirty laundry, a sink full of dishes and showing up a few minutes late to just name a few.

If you could give one gift to all the mothers in the world, what would it be?

A strong, judgement free and supportive sisterhood, because we all deserve that and sometimes just need a helping hand, shoulder to cry on or simply another adult with wine. ;)

Photo Credit: Maike Mancuso

Photo Credit: Maike Mancuso

What advice would you give to  new and expectant mothers who want to exercise safely throughout their pregnancy and postpartum?

If you are cleared for exercise - keep moving! Anything from a slow pace walk or taking the stairs, a yoga session or a more upbeat exercise class, it will help you to stay strong and recover faster after birth. You do want to make sure that the movements are catering to your particular state of motherhood or that the trainer can help you individually.

Overall, follow your inner voice. We mostly know what’s best for us. If it doesn’t feel good or you are even just not sure if it does - don’t do it.

Can you share your favorite ‘most bang for your buck’ exercise that our mamas could do at home when they are short on time?

YouTube is a great free platform to get a 15 - 30 min Pre / Post Natal workout, yoga sessions and stretching tips in. Make sure to type in your trimester or phase of postpartum recovery to get the best workout for your personal needs. Most high ranking videos are well researched and save workouts.

Finally, where can our mamas find you?

You can join my workout classes or see me for Personal Training at Yubalance (Mission and Inner Sunset) or join my Prenatal yoga class at Yoga Phamily (Mission) Monday 7:00 am - 8:00 am.

Web: www.thewildlife.design

Instagram: MaikeMancusoCoaching

Facebook: MaikeMancusoCoaching

Email: maike.mancuso@gmail.com

We can’t wait to check out one of Maike’s Yoga classes at the newly opened Yoga Phamily studio in the Mission (they offer childcare!) Maike has been so kind to offer an exclusive deal for our Moving Mom community. For a limited time only you can receive;

25% off all Personal Training Packages (4 sessions and more) with Maike (valid through til the end of June 2019)

Simply email maike.mancuso@gmail.com with your information and the promo code MOVINGMOMSF

Mamas, if you are in the city this weekend Maike is hosting a special ‘Mamas Meet Up + Workout’ in San Francisco this coming Saturday - You won’t want to miss this!

Keep moving, mamas!

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