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Anyone who knows us knows that boutique fitness is our jam. But while gyms offer all day childcare, with smaller studios the options for working out with baby in tow are limited. That’s why it’s been a lifesaver for us to come across a handful of great workout spots that offer regular childcare for us mamas who just can’t get down with the gym.

Here’s the list of our top studios in San Francisco with childcare, all tried and tested by us and our littles.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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MNTSTUDIO is mama-owned and a gorgeous space for us moms to get a good pilates or barre workout in while baby plays in the dreamy childcare room. We love that all of the toys are BPA-free and sanitized after every use, and that they offer mid-day childcare during the week…since let’s face it, sometimes it’s a real struggle to get out the door (check out our full write-up).

  • neighborhood: soma - 766 brannan st.

  • classes: reformer pilates, mat pilates, barre, pre/postnatal pilates, pilates bootcamp

  • childcare: weds & fri @ noon, weekends @ 9 & 10am 

  • price: $8 drop in childcare, classes range from $25-$38 drop in (plus, packages and classpass)

The Dailey Method

photo cred: The Dailey Method Mission-Castro

photo cred: The Dailey Method Mission-Castro

Full disclosure: we are both instructors at The Dailey Method and are completely barre-obsessed, which is why we are so grateful that TDM offers regular childcare at two of its three San Francisco locations. TDM is one of the toughest barre workouts, yet its focus on alignment makes it safe for pre and postpartum moms. The Cow Hollow location also offers Dailey Baby classes on Wednesdays, which are a must if you want a great workout mixed with baby bonding time.

  • neighborhoods: Mission-Castro - 1853 Market St. & Cow Hollow - 2399 Greenwich St. (we teach at the Cow Hollow studio…check us out on the schedule)

  • classes: barre, interval, fusion (barre + interval), basics, express, release (stretching + rolling) and dailey baby (cow hollow only)

  • mission-castro childcare: Mon & Tues 9:45am, 11am & 4:30pm, Wed - Fri 9:45am & 11am, Sat 8:30am, 9:45am & 11am, Sun 8:30am & 9:45am

  • cow hollow childcare: Mon - Fri 8:30am & 9:45am, Sat 9:45am (advanced booking required)

  • mission-castro price: $8 drop in childcare, $32 single class (plus packages and classpass)

  • cow hollow price: $10 drop in childcare, $30 single class (plus packages, classpass and you can also book class + childcare on the pearachute app)

Yoga Flow

Photo cred: Yoga Flow - Ocean

Photo cred: Yoga Flow - Ocean

Yoga Flow on Ocean Ave. is currently the only yoga studio in SF with childcare (but not for long…they’re opening another in Noe Valley this summer). This studio also has arguably the most impressive childcare room, stocked with every toy imaginable…we’re talking multiple kitchens, dress up areas, reading nooks…and a really friendly and professional staff. We also love how often childcare is running, so you can make your workout work around your schedule (check out our full review).

  • neighborhood: ingleside - 385 ashton ave. @ ocean (with another childcare studio coming to noe valley…their cow hollow location doesn’t have childcare)

  • classes: heated & non-heated vinyasa flow, kids yoga starting from age 5

  • childcare: mon-fri 9am, 10:30am & 12pm, sat 9am, 11am & 1pm, sun 9am & 11am

  • price: $18 class drop in + $12 childcare drop in (packages and classpass available, and you can book childcare on kidpass or care.com explore)

The Bar Method

photo cred: yelp

photo cred: yelp

The Bar Method is one of the largest studio franchises in the country so you know exactly what you’re getting…a traditional, slow burn barre workout that’s safe yet effective. The Bar Method in the Marina is their OG location, and there they have not one but two childcare rooms separating the children by age (bar babies: under 1 and bar kids: 1-8 years old).

  • neighborhood: the Marina - 3333 Fillmore St. *their Downtown location does not have childcare

  • classes: signature barre, express, move (advanced class), pre-natal

  • childcare: mon-sat 8:30am & 9:45am

  • price: $29 class drop in + $14 childcare drop in (packages are available, plus classpass)

The dreaded drop off

If you’re a new mama, we know it can be intimidating to drop your child off with a stranger (for us and for the babes!) so here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way:

  • Make sure your child isn’t hungry, but still come with snacks

  • Go early to hang out in the space with your little one to help warm them up

  • If they need a bottle, give it to comfort them right before you’re about to leave

  • Tell them you’re leaving so they know you’re coming back…no Irish exits!

  • Know that they might cry for a little bit and that the childcare person will get you if you’re needed…all you need to worry about is enjoying your mommy me-time!

feeling on top of the world after a great workout + childcare success

feeling on top of the world after a great workout + childcare success

Our babes are a year and a half now so it took time for us to A) know where to workout with kiddo in tow and b) have our babies feel comfortable with us leaving for an hour. So hopefully this list helps you with a, and our advice for b is if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

and if you know of any other great studios with childcare in the Bay Area, drop us a comment. We don’t get to venture out of the city much, but we will travel to sweat!

keep moving, mamas!

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