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as mama to a beautiful daughter and founder of mindful movement with maggie, Maggie calegari is the definition of a moving mom.

a former dancer with 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry, most recently maggie was a master teacher trainer at a large barre franchise. she was inspired by her own experience as a working mom to create quick and efficient workouts us mamas could do at home and created her own online workout program: mindful movement with maggie.

keep reading for our q&a with this inspiring mama, and learn how you can win a free one month subscription to her program!

Can you share with us a little about Mindful Movement with Maggie and the journey to how it all got started?

I started teaching ballet at age 16 while I was training in a professional ballet program and quickly realized that I found my passion in teaching movement more than performing. In the 20+ years that followed, I continued teaching in the fitness industry, the last 10 years as Master Teacher Trainer for a large barre franchise. I found myself craving workouts that I could do quickly and efficiently at home with my busy schedule as a working mom. That paired with the fact that I had a desire to reach more women with my positive and mindful approach to working out is what pushed me to create my own brand and online workout subscription, Mindful Movement with Maggie.

When did you start exercising again postpartum, and what was that journey like for you?

I will preface this by saying that I was very lucky to have a wonderful pregnancy and was able to teach and workout at my regular class load right until I delivered my daughter. I was extremely mindful throughout my pregnancy and modified almost everything to keep my body feeling strong but also supported. I believe that this helped me to get right back to my workouts immediately. I did some very slow core engagement exercises at home right away, started going for walks the first week, and was back in my barre classes at 2 weeks. That being said, I was still really modifying movements to be sure I could really focus on proper alignment and approached the workouts from a place of self-care.

Can you share a typical working ‘day in the life’ of Maggie Calegari? Morning routines, rituals, best practices, workouts, work/life balance...etc

I am all about routine and rituals. When I set a schedule or routine for myself, I stick to it until I really feel a need to change it up. After having my daughter, the hardest thing for me was starting the ground running every day without having time for myself (said every mom ever!).

So about 2 years ago I made a decision to wake up an hour before the rest of the house does for “me” time. What I do during that time has changed here and there but here is the groove I have found really works for me: I wake up, have warm lemon water, and write down in my journal the top ten goals that I am working towards in my life. I write them in the present tense (thank you Rachel Hollis for this practice!) and then I put in my headphones for a 10 minute guided meditation where I focus on these goals as if they are already true.

I do my 30 minute at home workout in my kitchen. Next is coffee and then getting my daughter ready for school. Work for me is a little different every day so I look at my calendar for the day and make sure I am prepared before walking out the door. This morning routine keeps me excited about where I am and where I am going.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far since becoming a mother?

This is a hard one! So many things! I love seeing the world through our daughter’s eyes. My mind is always thinking 10 steps ahead so I try to practice slowing down and being present with her when she wants to stop and admire a flower or special rock on the ground. She teaches me to enjoy the journey. And that family is the foundation for everything else to grow from.

“Our bodies are our livelihood. We should continue to enjoy that throughout our entire lifetime.”

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If you could give one gift to all the mothers in the world, what would it be?

The gift of movement. I would love to see mothers take even a small amount of time to move and connect with their bodies in a positive way. Taking time to connect our mind, body, and breath is incredibly powerful and grounding, giving us the ability to fill ourselves up. Our bodies are our livelihood. We should continue to enjoy that throughout our entire lifetime.

Can you share any advice for expectant mothers who want to exercise safely throughout their pregnancy?

Listen to your body and trust your gut. Less is more. If you’re taking fitness classes, think of going deeper meaning hold a position, close your eyes, and try to feel whatever muscle you are engaging. If you are simply going on walks, use that time to pay attention to your body and your baby. How is your posture? Where are you holding tension or resisting? Pregnancy is a beautiful time to learn what our bodies can do.

What is your all time favorite move/exercise from your Mindful Movement program?

We have a movement where we get in a long lunge position, torso hinged forward, back leg long. From here lift up on your front leg and bring the other knee in so you are balanced on one foot. Here you hold and squeeze the standing leg straight. Then, slowly and fluidly float back to the lunge. Put on your favorite song and flow through this on one leg for about a minute. The standing leg feels so strong, you get to practice your balance, and the movement is fantastic functional/postural work at the same time.


Finally, where can our mamas find you?

You can take my classes online anytime, anywhere! I am offering a 7 day FREE trial at http://www.mindfulmovementwithmaggie.com/

You can also follow me on Instagram for weekly inspiration and workout tips @mmwithmaggie.

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keep moving, mamas!

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