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this week’s #featurefriday mama can’t stop won’t stop. she’s an east coast girl who moved to california to start beverage company wanu water with her husband. wanu stands for ‘water + nutrients’ (so clever right?!), and jackie is the director of brand marketing at this fast growing startup, while she raises her adorable one-year-old daughter, Collins. we talked to jackie about how she manages these two very big roles and what she’s learned through #momlife so far. Read on for her full interview and see how you can try out wanu and save.

Tell us a little about yourself and your role at wanu?

My name is Jacqueline O’Gara and my husband and I own a fiber-infused water company, wanu water (@wanulife). I’m currently the Director of Brand Marketing and oversee all of wanu’s branding and digital initiatives, this includes projects like managing our influencer relationships and the upcoming launch of our subscription model.

Prior to the birth of my daughter, I was our CMO and led all the company’s branding and marketing initiatives since it’s inception in 2013. My previous executive experience has allowed me to have a broader scope of the bigger picture in my current role, but I love how my current role is more refined and most importantly, how it allows me to work remote most days. The flexibility of working remote has been really important to me, so I can enjoy the little moments of my one-year-old daughter, Collins, while keeping a pulse on a business and brand I helped build. 

Any tips for balancing work with mommyhood? 

Oh man- I think like any working mom, I’m still trying to figure this out... But my number one tip would be to live and breath by a calendar—scheduling everything in advance really helps maximize my working time and the days I’m in our office. I also consistently record my top priority projects in the notes section of my phone the night before every day and always start my day tackling the biggest project first. I also try to complete each project independently until it’s finished before jumping to the next.

What's your best health tip for mamas postpartum? 

PRIORITIZE YOURSELF. This was the biggest adjustment for me. Having a husband who travels so much for our business and little family support nearby, I’ve had to pull a lot of weight this first year solo. And when you’re a working mom- you’re constantly trying to balance everything for everyone and often your needs, particularly mental health, fall secondary. It took me until about 10 months postpartum to really feel like myself again and I credit that to just scheduling my workouts, a manicure, a massage—any self care I loved before baby, as an appointment. Keeping these commitments to myself makes me more complete and in turn, a better mother and wife. 


Most useful item on your baby registry? 

Owlet Baby Sock Heart Rate Monitor and a Dock-a-tot. We use both items religiously.

If you could give one gift to all the mothers in the world, what would it be?

Aside from the materialistic items above and some wanu ;)… just a hug or a smile—that may sound cheesy, but simple reassurance they’re not alone. Everyone is doing the best they can, there’s good days and bad days and that’s OK. I think sometimes people can be quick to judge, I have even had my fair share of looks when my baby breaks down, but knowing it’s OK and you’re not alone- that reassurance I think is what every mom needs. None of us know what we’re doing- we’re just doing the best we can, and that should be enough.

Biggest lesson you've learned so far since becoming a mother?

Babies need structure LOL. I started off being really dedicated to Babywise and then with some advice, i threw it out the window—worst thing ever (in my experience). My daughter thrives on structure, and it’S worked best for our family to have flexibility but maintain a routine the best we can.


For those who haven't tried wanu yet, what are its nutritional benefits? 

wanu water is the first fiber infused flavored water packed with 10 essential nutrients and 6 grams of fiber in every bottle. That’s 24% of your daily recommended fiber to help curb your appetite while you hydrate. Each bottle is sugar free and naturally flavored and also boosts 100% B12 to provide your body with natural energy (perfect for any mama who needs a little pick me up!). 

Where can our mamas buy wanu?

In the Bay area we’re available in select CVS’s and Targets, Lucky Supermarket, Raleys, Sprouts. We recommend using our store locator on wanuwater.com to find a retailer near you. We’re also available on Amazon and wanuwater.com. Your followers can enjoy 24% off their first order of wanu at wanuwater.com with the code: FIBER24



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