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Who’s got time for toxic in their life? Not us mamas…especially when it comes to our nails. A friend of ours just went to Europe and said that women there go manicureless throughout pregnancy due to the toxic ingredients found in nail polish. Luckily for us, closer to home an amazing non-toxic nail bar just opened in Mid-Market.

The nail hall uses only non-toxic polish and gel —all from women-owned brands like Sundays & j.hannah— so us mamas can keep up our mani/pedi habit without putting who-knows-what into our bodies. mama of three Jen hall opened The Nail Hall (clever name right?!) with her husband last month.


Jen clearly has an eye for design since The space is gorgeous…with a vibe that’s inspired by palm springs vacay vibes. there’s even a flamingo pool tile design on the floor as soon as you walk in…so cute! jen and her hubby also own the beer hall down the street and tried to replicate that local bar experience with a large communal nail bar, where you can chat up your neighbor while being served an adult beverage on tap. All sips come directly from The Beer Hall so you know they’re good, and what’s even better is that they’re from women wine & beer makers (who run the world?!).

  • neighborhood: mid market - 1401 mission street 

  • hours: wed to sat 10am-7pm (closed sun to tues)

  • services: non-toxic manis/pedis, non-toxic gel, express and ‘mini me’ services (all include your choice of an herbal soak or scrub that’s made in house)

  • other features: nail bar counter with charging stations and phone stands, drinks on tap (wine, beer, bubbly, cbd kombucha), event space with catering from the beer hall

  • wifi: yes

  • pricing: manis $20-$50, pedis $30- $60, gel mani $40-$70, gel pedi $50-$80, mini me services: $20 each

Cute, clean, and super fun…what’s not to love? mom date anyone??

keep moving, mamas!

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