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Have you mamas ever thought about taking some ‘me time’ in a sensory deprivation tank? We know, it seems a little scary. How could a dark, soundproof tank filled with shallow water ever seem relaxing? we hear you ask. But it is! and our moving mom did it, and even more she really liked it! Jessica decided to take her first float when she was 8 months pregnant. According to Jessica, the experience was surreal. She felt like a baby in a womb, with her daughter in her womb! (yes we know, mind-blown!) Jessica found floatation not only enabled her to relax, but also eased some of her pregnancy aches and pains.

Float therapy can help you dive into a deep meditative state, increase mental clarity and memory, and the magnesium in the epsom salt (which essentially makes you float) can help relieve any back pain or neck tension and help you to sleep better.

If you need a little more info before diving into these floatation tanks, read on for our full breakdown and all the deets you need before you float.

  • locations - Marina (1912 Lombard St.), Mission (810 Valencia St.) & Oakland (6239 College Ave.)

  • servicesFloat therapy, cryotherapy, cryo T-shock, infrared sauna, compression boots (different locations offer different services) 

  • floating benefits - Relaxes body & mind, relieves muscle tension, helps you sleep better, boosts memory & clarity 

  • good for - everyone can benefit, especially those recovering from exercise, injury, or stress  

  • pricing$79 for a 1 hour float (they also have packages and ongoing deals 

  • Mama tip - Floating offers some amazing benefits to pregnant women. It can relieve some of the tension that your growing bump puts on the body & also create a deeper connection between mom & baby.

We would love to hear from you if you have tried float therapy. and If you would like to learn more, check out Reboot Spa and Jessica’s write up on Fitt!

Happy Floating, Mamas

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