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Last week, we launched our website and shared the inspiration behind moving moms (which you can also find in the ‘meet us’ tab). Today, we’re featuring one of our co-founders: 1/2 of the moms behind moving mom...jessica troy! jessica is a copywriter and barre instructor who loves staying active and connected to other moms as she raises her one-year-old daughter, Ellie. read on to learn more about jessica’s journey getting back into fitness after baby, finding a better work/life balance, and more!

Peri: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since becoming a mother?

Jessica: not to compare myself to other moms. When you have your first child, it’s such a new experience and also a very vulnerable one. As someone who is more laid-back, I thought I would transform into this super organized person as a mom. While I definitely have learned the benefits of sticking with a schedule (especially when it comes to sleep!), I am still always going to be me. Over time, I came to realize who I am is exactly who my daughter needs as her mom.

P: When did you start exercising again after having Ellie? And what was that journey like for you?

J: I started exercising around 8 weeks postpartum even though I was cleared during my 6 week checkup. I had stitches so my recovery was slower, and I just waited until I felt ready. I am a barre instructor at The Dailey Method so I started going to other instructors’ classes and doing the same modifications I did while pregnant. Eventually, I was able to build up my strength and got back to teaching my regular classes. My advice as a teacher is you don’t always have to listen to me since your body knows so much more than I do. Strength builds slowly so it’s more about being patient and gentle with yourself...which I am realizing now is a great lesson for toddlerhood!

P: Do you have a weekly workout routine? If so, what does that look like?

J: My main workout is barre. I have loved it for 7 years ever since I discovered it in New York. Since barre is lower impact and feels really great on my postpartum body, I go to classes about three days a week. Then, I spice things up with a yoga or pilates class (I’m not much a runner or high intensity person…). I am on classpass, which is a great way to find new classes in the city. I also recently discovered apps like pearachute and kidpass, where you can book childcare during your workout - it’s like a kiddie classpass!

P: If you could give one gift to all the mothers in the world, what would it be?

J: An all-expense paid trip to some tropical paradise with your hubby! My husband Jimmy and I went to Costa Rica in December without our daughter for four days. I was so worried to travel to another country without her, and while we definitely missed her, it was sooo good to have that time with just Jimmy and I. It felt like a mini honeymoon...a post-babymoon should be a thing.

P: How do you manage to balance your time between being mom, work and spending time with jimmy?

J: I am lucky to have a flexible work schedule so I usually only go into an office 1-2 days a week, teach classes one morning, work from home a little bit, and then I get to spend the rest of the time with my daughter. When Ellie goes to sleep around 7pm, then it’s Jimmy and me time for a good three hours. We bought a massive TV after becoming parents since we spend a lot of time on the couch with Netflix and wine (new show recommendations are always welcome!!).  


P: How do you incorporate self-care into your week?

J: I used to work in beauty marketing so makeup and skincare have always been a part of my routine. I can see my daughter’s play area from my vanity so I sit there and take my time. It might sound vain that’s what I do for self-care, but I find the process itself almost more rewarding than the result. I put some music on and if I’m feeling fancy for those rare nights out, maybe I’ll even have a glass of wine.

P: What does your morning routine look like? Do you have daily habits that help set you up for the rest of the day?

J: I wish I could say I have a morning routine down but since my schedule is so variable, my mornings differ day to day. However, I will say that I never leave the house without coffee and breakfast. I know intermittent fasting is so big right now but I just need a meal to begin my day, even if it’s something small.

P: Tell us a little about what you do for work.

J: After working in marketing, I made the transition to freelance copywriting while 6 months pregnant. I work with different brands, from fashion to beauty to kids apparel (my fave!), and love the flexibility it brings. I also became a barre instructor at The Dailey Method during my third trimester, and have been teaching at their Cow Hollow location since October 2016.

feel free reach out if you have any fitness, work or life-related questions for Jessica!

and keep moving, mamas!

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