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We love any company that empowers and supports women, which is why we are so obsessed with this new Bay Area brand, Cora.

Cora is a monthly subscription tampon company that helps you manage your periods with safe, non-toxic products that are sleekly packaged (no more pink!) and designed to limit the amount of waste. and For every Cora product sold, they provide a month’s supply of sanitary pads and health education to girls and women in need around the world.

Photo Credit: Peri Hughes

Photo Credit: Peri Hughes

Here are just some of the shocking statistics from Cora about what girls and women have to deal with every time they get their period from India to the U.S.

300 MILLION - girls and women use rags, plastics, sand and ash to manage their periods.

1 IN 4 - girls in India drop out of school once they reach puberty.

70% - of Indian girls and women cannot afford menstrual supplies.

90% - decrease in dropout rate when girls have access to menstrual supplies.

25 MILLION - women in the U.S. live below the poverty line without consistent access to period products.

38 - states still tax tampons and other menstrual products as non-essentials.

Cora pays all of the sales tax on products purchased through their website so you don’t have to. This is one of the many ways they are fighting for women rights on our home soil.

So the brand sounds pretty great, right?!

Well, it gets better. Cora has expanded their line of products to not only Tampons, Pads and Body Cloths. But now also Belly Butter and Nipple Balm for Pre and Postnatal mamas!

Photo Credit: Peri Hughes

Photo Credit: Peri Hughes

We sampled their Belly Butter, and before you ask, no we are NOT pregnant. But we did love the Cora Belly Butter as a full body moisturizer! If, like us, you hate to use strong scents when it comes to skincare and you are looking for sensitive skin friendly, non-toxic products, then look no further. This Shea Butter-Based moisturizer has only a very subtle scent from THE Rose Hip it is infused with. The Butter glides on smoothly without leaving any sticky residue.

We . Are . Obsessed!

Finally, we can manage our periods without having to schlep to Walgreens every month, without having to carry around tampons that look like candy for 5 yr olds and without harming ourselves with toxic products. Hooray!

Head to www.coralife.com to learn more.

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