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Dailey Baby was one of the first workout classes we did with our little ones when we were first approved for exercise. it’s a class like no other, following a similar format and choreography to the dailey method’s Signature Barre Class. In this version, you wear your baby in a front pack carrier. If you have tried Barre before, you know how tough it is…but try with your baby strapped on, and the workout is taken to a whole new level. Unlike some other mommy and me classes, in dailey baby, you will break a sweat. you will be challenged, and leave feeling accomplished...and perhaps meet some new mom friends!


What’s great about this class is that anything goes…if your baby cries, its ok, if your baby needs a feed, its ok, if your baby needs a diaper change, its all good. You can bring all your gear into the studio space and take care of business whenever you need throughout class.

All exercises are Postpartum safe with modifications made for C-Section, Diastasis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and any other challenges you may be facing postpartum. below are all the details you need to know about this class.

  • Where: The Dailey Method, Cow Hollow - 2399 Greenwich Street

  • When: Every Wednesday at 11.00am

  • Who is it for: Great for Postpartum moms with pre-crawling babies

  • What do you need: Barre (grippy) socks, Front pack carrier

  • The Workout: You work all muscles in your body starting with arms and moving onto thighs, seat work and finally finishing with core work. Your baby will start in the carrier and then towards the end of the class, will be moved onto a mat so mama can perform her core exercises. All moves are small and controlled with a heavy focus on correct form and alignment.

  • Challenge Factor: You will be challenged in this class. You work every muscle in your body to fatigue, all while wearing your baby

  • Stroller Parking: Yes (indoors)

  • Baby Change: You are able to change your baby before, during or after the class in the studio or downstairs for more privacy

  • Price: $30 for a drop in

  • Sign up: Head to The Dailey Method Cow Hollow to sign up for your first class


Let us know if you have tried this class in the comments below!

Keep moving, mamas!

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