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She is a mother, a marathon finisher, Barre teacher, wellness champion, Capoeira lover and successful business woman in the tech industry. In our eyes she is the epitome of a super mom and we are so excited for you to meet her. Meet, Cara Uribe.

Cara, can you share with our readers a little bit about the work you do?

I work at LinkedIn in Learning & Development. I am also a Wellness champion and help design programs to keep our employees thriving in such a busy world. The irony in what I consult clients on (i.e. building a culture of learning) is that it translates beautifully into my life as a Dailey Method instructor, a parent and a healthy individual myself.

If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it.
photo courtesy of Cara Uribe

photo courtesy of Cara Uribe

When did you start exercising again after having your son? And what was that journey like for you?

I started back at the Dailey Method and at capoeira right at six weeks postpartum but since I had been a high risk pregnancy, my doctor immediately instructed me to hold off until eight or nine weeks. I was so frustrated because I felt well, wanted to regain strength and was suffering from postpartum depression (which I blamed on inactivity.) In hindsight, the doctor’s orders taught me patience and how to more deeply explore other facets of wellness such as meditation and mental health.

Can you give us an insight into your morning routine? (wake up time, breakfast of choice….anything you do to start your day off right?)

I am always the first one up in the house before 6am, so I prepare everything the night before so to not wake anyone up. (e.g. coffee is ground and ready, workout clothes and work clothes are laid out, dog’s leash by the door.) After taking the dog out, I exercise. Depending on if I have to drop off my son later, I may come back to the house after my workout. Starting my day off with movement is so important to me! It lays the groundwork for my more grounding activities later, like slowly savoring a turmeric latte when I get to work, taking a few moments to organize my meetings, meditating with Headspace, etc.

Any advice for our moms on how to find a healthy work/life balance as a mom? Is balance even possible?

I was recently at a interview with Chelsea Clinton and an audience member asked how she manages it all, with book tours, politics and being a mom. What she said resonated so deeply with me, though almost too simple. It’s all about scheduling! It is making sure to have set times for set activities and ensuring you are there for your children in between. Just like my husband and I do, everything must go into a calendar -- our workouts, our work trips, teaching schedule, and anything and everything related to our son. It helps us load balance and understand when were are crowding an area of our life or lacking in another. (This includes time to ourselves!)

What was the most useful gift you received on your baby registry? Or do you have one item that was for you a complete life saver?

Two words - baby wrap. Any brand is good. It leaves you hands free and leaves baby feeling warm and protected. When they grow bigger you can explore all kinds of wrap styles and it is so very easy to travel with.

What is your current fitness? How many times a week do you try to workout?

I try and take one to two rest days a week. My workouts are comprised of Dailey Method classes, playing on a basketball team, high-intensity interval and weight training, bike rides to work, capoeira and training for running races. My rule is - keep moving, regardless of how. I also track everything on my Garmin watch so that I am getting a good balance of movement and cardio (and sleep!)

If you could give one gift to all the mothers in the world what would it be?

Confidence. You are doing everything right. Trust in your ability to take care of your child; and, equally as important, in your ability to take care of yourself.

SO many amazing tips Cara! We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about this incredible mama.

keep moving, mamas!

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