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This week’s feature friday mama is our go-to gal for all things clean beauty, iryna everson. mother of 2, iryna started her journey into clean beauty 6 years ago when she was pregnant with her first child. iryna is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of cleaner beauty products, not only for your skin but for you and your family’s overall health. Iryna works closely with clean beauty brands and has recently launched her own subscription-based clean beauty box My Beauty Alchemy.

Iryna, tell us a little about what you do?

I am a co-founder of a DIY spa-at-home subscription box, called My Beauty Alchemy. It comes with all-premeasured organic ingredients and recipes to create your own organic potions for your body, face and hair. I also work with clean beauty and eco-conscious brands to help with sourcing, operations and marketing.

When did you first make the move to cleaner skincare and beauty products?

When I was pregnant with my first child, which was 6 years ago. 

What is your current skincare routine?

I cleanse in the morning and in the evening, then I apply Activating Water Essence from Jurlique, followed by their Herbal Recovery Signature Serum, followed by their Skin Balancing Oil. A minute after, I apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF, some RMS lip & cheek stain, and I am ready to go. 

For moms who are looking to make the transition to cleaner skin & beauty products what are your top 3 easy swaps?

Because our body takes the largest amount of products, I would start with body lotions, followed by facial products, and then our lips. Here are some practical ideas: 
Body lotion ~ pure body oil, which can be as simple as jojoba oil, argan oil or apricot oil. Make sure you apply it when your skin is still wet after taking a shower for maximum absorption.
Face moisturizer ~ organic one with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and botanicals for effective moisture and nourishment. I like spot testing beauty products at local retailers like Pharmaca, Whole Foods, and Credo Beauty to find my perfect product.
Lip balm/Lipgloss/Lipstick ~ organic one. We end up consuming a lot of these product while eating, drinking and kissing our kids, so it's important there are no toxins, especially lead and chemical fragrances, in our lip products.

What our your favorite products to to use on your kids?

I use my clean beauty oils on my kids after giving them a bath. My current one is Jurlique’s Skin Balancing Oil, which contains nourishing oils of safflower, rosehip, avocado and macadamia. I also use EvolvH’s hair products, including their detangler on my daughter’s hair, and Marin Bee’s Lip Repair for chapped lips.

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Do you carve out time for your own self-care, if so what do you like to do?

Running, yoga, listening to inspiring podcasts and music, and enjoying organic skin care products, teas, and juices.

If you could give one gift to all the mothers in the world what would it be?

More sleep! I have also just taken a reiki training, and I will be happy to gift mini treatments to our local mamas, while our kids play.

Well we are definitely going to use Iryna’s helpful tips to clean up our own skincare regimes.

We hope you enjoyed Iryna’s thoughts as much as we did!

Keep glowing, mamas!

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