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We are so excited to introduce to you this week’s #featurefriday mom, Stefanie Deorio! Stefanie is a first time mother to her sweet baby girl, Avia who is now 6 months old. Stefanie also works as a product and sustainability manager, but more recently has embarked upon the journey to certify as a Postpartum Doula.

Tell us what do you do as a Doula?

As a Doula, I support with newborn care, give the mother space for self-care, and provide tips on a variety of subjects like breastfeeding, nutrition, etc. I am basically there to support the mother & family so they can thrive during this moment in time.

What inspired you to become one?

My entire experience of being pregnant, labor/delivery, and postpartum was incredible. My intention in this journey as a Doula is to spread the love and make other mamas have the best experience possible.

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What is one thing all mother should walk into the experience with?

Having a birth plan AND an open mind! Yes, most birth plans don't go as planned but if they did what would it look like? If it doesn't go as planned, go with it, remain calm, and know you'll be holding that babe in no time!

Biggest piece of advice for bringing Baby home?

Learn your baby's cues as quickly as possible. In the early days/weeks, babies typically only need the basic necessities of life: sleep, food, comfort, and diaper changes. Forget about all the consumer products you can buy and focus on meeting your baby's basic needs.

Most useful item on your Baby Registry?

Our sound machine! We have the Marpac Dohm Classic, and it has been an amazing tool we use to signal sleep time. Whether for a nap or bedtime, the moment we turn it on, she knows what time it is. As a new parent, I believe establishing a good sleep routine is key to having a thriving family. I highly recommend this sound machine as part of babies sleep routines.

if you could give one gift to all the mother’s in the world what would it be?

I would give them time for self-care. Self-care is by far the most important thing you can give yourself when you're a new mom. Get outside, get your hair done, do a yoga class, whatever floats your boat...having the opportunity to have space to think, breath (without the to do's) is so important for being your best self.

Biggest lesson you’ve learnt since becoming a mother?

Remembering to show love and appreciation towards my husband. For me, this is part of a balance issue because I am rightfully so tending to my daughter most of the time. My husband is truly an amazing father and husband so making space to acknowledge that is huge! 

You can connect with Stefanie @stefaniedeorio

Thanks for reading!

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